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The following chart will balance your resources as much as possible, given your available merchants.

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Number of input villages:
Average wood per village:
Average clay per village:
Average iron per village:
Total amount of wood in these villages:
Total amount of clay in these villages:
Total amount of iron in these villages:
Total number of merchants to send:
Total number of resource transports to send:
Average number of fields each merchant resource transport travels:
How do I use this output chart?
1. Click the "Resource Sender" links to open your market pages.
2. On the market page, click the script again to enter the resource values shown in the chart.
3. Click the script again to automatically press the "ok" button.
4. On the confirm page, click the script again to send off your resources.
5. Repeat as necessary.
6. Enjoy your TribalWars Gaming Experience!
More Information:
This table is sorted from most resources to send to least allowing TribalWars gamers to quickly and efficiently balance their village resources where it is needed the most. No longer will you have to spend hours every week hunting all over the map to decide where, when, and how many resources you should send. Now you can quickly and effortlessly complete what was once a major chore. Instead you can spend your time planning attacks and conquering villages!